A little greener perhaps?

Together with SoFine you can eat the world a little better. Our mission is to create tasty, friendly and healthy products for you – after all, variety is the spice of life . Whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan or a flexitarian. Based on vegetables and the very best organic soya we make super delicious, vegetarian tofu products, veggie burgers, meat replacers and even fish replacers. Discover it all at SoFine!

Discover the friendly recipes of SoFine!

On Friendly Friday you will find new and healthy recipes here to make every day a tasty and friendly food experience. The culinary inspiration from SoFine and our friendly, plantbased products will make eating less meat easy and healthy. Delicious for every day, and extra delicious on Friendly Friday.

Meet our Veggie Heroes!

“We are happy to take you on a wonderful trip in the fantastic world of friendly food! Ready to join us?”

Meet our Veggie Heroes! In their own series of films they will help you to eat tastier, healthier and friendlier food by revealing their deepest secrets just to you.