Our dream

Our dream is to eat the world into a better place. So we devote love and care to producing plant based products that are friendlier for your health and for our planet. We make sure that our products aren’t just healthy, but also surprisingly full of flavour, convenient and affordable. That’s what we call really friendly. If more people choose to eat friendly foods more often, and are friendly to each other, we can all make the world a nicer and better place together.

Will you join SoFine and realise our dream?

Our beginnings

It all started back in the 1960s when the influx of Asian immigrants into Europe triggered a growing demand for tofu. Our passion for soya and our experience with this versatile super bean has continued to grow since then. Pulses and vegetables now form the basic ingredients of our healthy and friendly products that just everyone loves the flavour of!

SoFine – The Friendly Food

Did you know that…

…SoFine is a social enterprise and is driven by its social mission?

…our employees get a day off to work for charity once a year?