The various tofu varieties, veggie burgers or meat replacers from SoFine all help you ring the changes on your plate. They offer different flavours but they also have a lot in common. Whether it’s a burger, tofu à la minute or a scrumptious vegan curry: the basic ingredients are vegetables and high-quality organic pulses such as soya, with herbs and spices adding the finishing touch. The result of a hefty portion of creativity and a generous spoonful of love are temptingly tasty vegetarian products that make eating less meat a culinary celebration. We devote a lot of care and attention to the development of our meat replacers. Your health, an irresistible flavour and sustainability are our top priorities. This creates a unique product with an important mission! To make it even easier for you to support this mission, we develop delectable vegetarian and vegan products and recipes for you. Flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans – everybody just loves the friendly products from SoFine!

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Are you going veggie more often?

Swapping meat for more vegetables in your diet is good for your health and for our planet. Why not join in? We make eating less meat into a celebration with our healthy tofu products, veggie burgers and meat replacers. You won’t miss out on any goodness thanks to the high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals and fibres and a whole new world will open up for you… Why not give it a try!

Veggie Heroes

Meet our Veggie Heroes! Our heroes are vegetables and pulses and they form the healthy basic ingredients in our vegetarian products. They explain more about themselves in their own series of films. Our favourite SOYA BEAN steals the show, but you wouldn’t want to miss the other members of the green gang either.