It might not seem to concern you directly, but believe us: the food choices you make do have an enormous impact on our planet. Your choices can make an important change to issues such as reducing CO2 emissions, promoting animal welfare and stimulating nature conservation.


How? Well, by choosing to green up your diet more often. Did you know that producing vegetarian food is far friendlier for our plant than producing animal protein-based food such as meat, dairy and eggs? We are happy to explain more…

Why going veggie is so friendly

A vegetarian diet is environmentally friendly because it is so simple. The vegetables and pulses at the basis of all the SoFine products are grown using sustainable methods, we turn this produce into tasty products and you eat it. Plain and simple.

And why eating meat isn’t…

A diet that uses animal-based protein is a lot more complex. To grow soya beans to make animal feed, rain forests are destroyed and plants are treated with crop protection products. The cattle, chickens and pigs who eat this soya are given antibiotics during their often short, and inhumane, lives. Livestock also produce manure that generates pollution, but the greatest problem of all is the damaging greenhouse gases they release.

Taken globally, meat production is the major source of greenhouse gases such as CO2 and methane. Cow flatulence is ‘renowned’ for the methane it produces. What’s more, it takes 25 kilos of animal feed (including conventionally cultivated soya) that ‘trades off’ to produce just one kilo of beef. Not to mention pollution caused by transport, soil depletion, animals species threatened with extinction. Brrr… Enough gloom and doom. Time for the solution: go veggie more often!


Be like SoFine – choose sustainable soya

So now you know. The more often you choose a vegetarian diet, the more you are helping our planet. SoFine uses exclusively 100% organic, non-GMO soya for all its products. We want to keep as big a distance as possible from issues such as deforestation and pollution!


We take these steps to make absolutely sure we can rely on the quality of our soya:

  • We maintain close contact with our suppliers in Italy and Asia.
  • We know precisely where and how the beans are grown.
  • We have an independent laboratory perform random analysis to ensure that no crop protection products are used.


Being friendly to our planet is paramount at SoFine!


Did you know that…

… 1500 litres of drinking water is used to produce 100 grams of beef? That is a massive difference compared with the 210 litres of drinking water needed to grow 100 grams of soya – an amazing seven times less!

…if we continue to perpetuate our current diet with increasing consumption of meat, dairy and eggs, we will need two extra planets in 2050 just to feed everyone?

…that your weekly steak night with the family produces an annual CO2 emission that equates to the energy consumption in your home for a year?