Your health is not just important for you, but for us too. Health, together with taste and sustainability, are our top priorities when developing new products. This is demonstrated in our friendly list of ingredients, which are mainly comprised of:


All crops in the pulse family are bursting with goodness. They are a great source of vegetable proteins necessary for good muscle development, contain essential vitamins and minerals and are simply full of fibres, which in turn are beneficial for your intestinal health and cholesterol levels. Because pulses contain so much protein, they are your best friend and go-to diet choice if you want to eat less, or no, meat. Vegetable products also contain fewer saturated fats than animal products, which gives pulses an added advantage over meat.


The soya bean is an especially formidable member of the pulse family. Soya beans are the only source of protein to contain all of the essential amino acids that act as vital building blocks for your body. This fact explains why we at SoFine use soya beans so often as the basic ingredient in our products. However – exclusively organic and non-GMO soya beans! For the extra friendly touch 🙂


We surely don’t still have to convince you of the healthy power of vegetables? But maybe you too have trouble with incorporating enough vegetables into your daily diet. By using vegetables alongside soya as a basic ingredient in our foods, we can help you in this aspect. You actually get an extra portion of vegetables without even noticing. So it’s double healthy and twice as friendly: less meat and more veggies. Come on, persuade yourself: it tastes great and it’s healthy!

A healthy diet

A healthy diet is different for everyone, yet the same: flavoursome and varied. SoFine helps you maintain a healthy diet, as we take the guidelines published by the Netherlands Nutrition Centre (Voedingscentrum) into account when developing new products. For instance, we use plenty of vegetables, plant-based ingredients and less salt. We make a healthy diet convenient, friendly and tasty!