Our mission at SoFine is to make healthy, sustainably cultivated food irresistibly delicious. Motivated by idealism, the efforts of our team of gourmets bring meaning to eating by treating you to a wealth of appetising burgers, nuggets, schnitzels and curries. We warmly invite you to discover our amazing range of flavours.


Taste the whole world

SoFine adores our planet. Our world offers so many different taste sensations, we would love to include all of them in our products! In the SoFine kitchens we draw on inspiration from all over the world. Flavours you will find reflected in our Thai Green Curry, Asian Spiced Tofu, but also closer to home in our Kale Burger based on traditional Dutch cuisine.


Variety is the spice of life

There is no end to the culinary experiments of our chefs. They feed their creativity by travelling extensively, devouring cookery books and closely monitoring the latest trends in the realm of food. The very best discoveries and insights are translated into new veggie burgers, cool tofu products and meat replacers for SoFine. SoFine regularly launches creative and original products to spice up the variety of your vegetarian diet: from marinated tofu to vegetarian chicken on a skewer.


Test, taste, test…

As well as their expertise and inventiveness, our chefs are exceptionally fussy. It can take some time before they are entirely satisfied with the results. New concepts they have crafted in the kitchen are then presented to the SoFine tasting panel comprising professional tasters, but also the ladies from marketing, the connoisseurs from logistics and, of course, our own director. The new creation will only be available in the supermarket once everyone has tested, tasted and given the thumbs up.


Discover all our vegetarian variations!