We are proud of you anyway! You already know that choosing vegetarian food more often is a good choice for your health and our planet. This awareness and our temptingly delicious tofu products, veggie burgers and meat replacers make choosing the right option even easier. But how often ‘should’ you eat vegetarian products? The good news is, it’s entirely up to you. We just want to help you live by your good intentions.

Once a week

Celebrate Friday with Friendly Friday

Every little helps. Simply opting to vary your diet by including the vegan products from SoFine, makes an enormous difference. You can do that on any random day of the week, but we think that Friday lends itself perfectly to being friendly. So make Friendly Friday the day you celebrate the beginning of the weekend in the friendliest possible way: delicious, healthy and full of variation.

Five times a week

On week days but not everyday…

If you want to pump up the vegetarian volume, why not devote the weekdays to leaving meat behind. Using our friendly recipes you can whip up a responsible and scrumptious meal in less than half an hour. That makes choosing veggie meals a very tempting proposition.

Every day of the week

Goodbye old habits

You really have acquired a taste for it! Completely won over by the persuasive power of vegetarian food, you bring variation to the table with fabulous festive food. Healthy vegetarian products from SoFine add flavour and convenience to your diet of nuts, seeds, cereals, pulse and vegetables.

We do our best every day to make it easy and affordable for you to choose vegetarian options. It doesn’t’ really matter just how often you choose for your health, our planet or your tastebuds (or all three). As long as you do choose! Together with SoFine bring meaning to eating and make the world a better place each time.