It really is true that every little helps – and that includes adopting a vegetarian diet. Simply opting to eat a vegan meal one day a week can already make an immense difference. We are fans of Friendly Friday: celebrate the start of the weekend on Friday with delicious vegetarian food. Super friendly for yourself and for our planet.

Did you know that including more vegetarian food in your diet benefits your health? Scientific research backs this up. It is becoming increasingly clear that a vegetarian diet is friendlier for your body. So joining in with Friendly Friday is not just about choosing a tasty and varied diet, it’s also about prioritising your health.

And did you know that including more vegetarian food in your diet contributes to protecting our precious planet? Switching to more green in your diet has an immediate impact by reducing CO2 emissions, promoting greater biodiversity and nature conservation. And this is all due to the fact that raising animals for food is a huge source of pollution. If we continue to perpetuate our diet full of meat, dairy and eggs we will need two extra planets to feed us in 2050… The time really has come for change so why not start on Friday with a vegetarian meal!


Why Friendly Friday?

It’s not always easy to cut back on your meat consumption, as it means breaking with a lifelong habit. But it is incredibly important for your own benefit and that of our planet. So embrace the Friendly Friday habit! That will give you a regular day of the week to automatically consider and live by your good intentions. And that shouldn’t be hard with our fabulously easy and flavoursome vegan and vegetarian recipes!

You can of course choose to go beyond just the Friendly Friday option. It’s the end of a hard working week and the weekend is around the corner: time to shine and show your best side. Friendliness is the best policy!

What about making your Friday even friendlier by cooking for your lonely neighbour, using your bike or walking instead of driving or just treating yourself to an evening chilling out and relaxingRoll on Friday!

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