Sustainability is part of the DNA at SoFine Foods.

Our focus on producing and selling delicious vegetarian food contributes every day towards our aim of making the world more sustainable. And the basis for sustainability naturally all starts with the ingredients we buy. For example, we exclusively purchase organic, non-GMO soya beans. We also engage on a continual, daily quest to find ways of reducing the impact of our ‘footprint’ by using less water, lower energy consumption and recycling or reducing waste flows. We also critically scrutinise the type and amount of packaging we use and, of course, how our products are transported.

However, the main contribution we want to make is helping consumers discover just how flavoursome eating vegetarian food can be. If everyone opted to eat more vegetarian food more often (so less animal-based protein) we would not need a second planet (in that case we would still have enough agricultural land and water to serve the growing world population), we would need less livestock which would in turn significantly reduce the greenhouse effect, and last but not least our diet would be healthier (lower saturated fat content).